Chile I like but maybe not as much as Argentina

I´ve had an amazing 7 weeks working my way south and crisscrossing between Argentina and Chile. I´ve loved both countries but I think I´ve liked Argentina a little bit more. I´ve found the Argentinians more open and approachable, the transport links are better and, of course, there is the steak! Actually, the food in both countries is not particularly varied with a focus on fried meat and potatoes which gets a bit samey after a while. Still the cakes and pastries are fantastic in both countries, as are empanadas – small pastries filled with meat or cheese and ham. They´re kind of similar to a Cornish pasties and very tasty.

Both countries are really beautiful but in Argentina you are able to enjoy it all a bit more because it rains a little less!

From Peurto Natalas in southern Chile, I flew to Santiago for 2 days and then I flew up to La Paz, Bolivia yesterday, arriving in time for Carnival. I really liked Santiago, it has a reputation for being a bit dull which I think is unfair. It has a thriving arts culture and where I was staying was very gritty, and trendy, and the night life is great fun.

Nestled at 3600m, La Paz is breathtaking and I now feel like I´m in the South America of my imaginings. The carnival parade is coming through town shortly, more on this later.

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